Digital Journals for the Digital Age

For many writers, artists, and other luminaries, keeping a journal or sketchbook was essential.

In a digital age, the journal is still useful. There are just going to be times when you need to get an idea written down before it flies away.

You can record your immediate thoughts and feelings on some topics. Doing this is an excellent way to track your emotional maturity, how you’ve typewriter-801921_1920changed over time.

For creative types, they also have the chance of using the journal as a sketchbook.

You know the feeling. You have this image in your head that you have to draw or lose forever. A journal isn’t the best place for it, but it’s better than nothing.

Of course, this doesn’t help if you’re one of the many millions of people who have great trouble reading their handwriting. If you don’t like carrying a journal and writing tools, you probably don’t think you want one either.

We live in the digital age, though. Most everyone has some electronic device that gets carried around. You could use a digital journal instead.

In fact, a digital journal or notebook has some benefits.

The obvious advantage is that it’s readily accessible.

Chances are, you’re reading this from your phone or it’s within reach. In fact, you probably have some personal digital device on you at all times. You can quickly turn it into a notebook for your ideas, just by picking an app that fits your style.

Digital notebooks also offer the option to back them up at any given time.

If you’re the sort who has lost more notes, ideas, and journals over time than you can remember, this features is a godsend. Any note-taking app worth mentioning has a backup feature, even if it’s just a way to upload your data to a cloud service like Google Docs.

There is also the search function. If you’ve ever wanted to find a particular entry but can’t remember when you wrote it, the search bar is your friend.

Some journals have a voice to text dictation feature!

If you’re intent on taking hand-written notes at the same time as digital ones, voice to text is ideal. You can also use this the way people would use audio recorders, too.

Any good journal app is going to let you add pictures and sounds, or even draw yourself. These are great ways to add a little extra punch, especially if you can’t draw.

You eat up less real space.

You can always buy a bigger SD card or upgrade to a phone with more storage space if you need it. The world makes it considerably harder to add more storage space to an apartment or home.

Yes, we admit there is something amusing about having a stack of old notebooks full of ideas. Years of thoughts packed away into boxes can be appealing. If you don’t have the physical space, digital is simply more practical, though.

Finally, they’re easier to lock. Most digital journal apps come with a lock feature so only you can open and read the data within. This lock is on top of any security features on the device itself!