The Advantages of Keeping a Diary

When you hear the word diary, you automatically think of secrets and very personal stuff. While being a confidante is one thing a diary can be, it can be more than that.advantages of using a diary

The idea of keeping a diary is to record daily events as entries. Think of a personal log where you keep certain information for another day. A diary is more than just a notebook containing your juiciest secrets. For some, a diary can be as tame as a day-to-day recording of events. Where you went, what you did, who you bumped into, or what you needed to do in a week or two.

Personally, I believe a diary is really helpful for people who have problem remembering small things. Meeting an old face might be easily forgotten after a month but a diary entry can easily remind you how, where, and when you met. Isn’t that just neat? It’s also great for keeping track of places you have had the chance to visit. Love a certain “off-the-beaten-road” restaurant? You can just write about it in your diary in case you might want to visit it again.

Another thing is that keeping a diary can also be a form of ensuring you are organised. For example, your entry today might be about cleaning your house and realising you have a pest control problem. By recording an entry for today mentioning Skip Bins, you’d know that you need to contact the skip bin guys to come and deliver you a bin.

So don’t hesitate to keep a personal diary. Like what I mentioned above, it’s not just for keeping secrets. It’s for recording certain events and reminders for your future self. So if you are anything like me who forgets even the smallest of things like getting an expert to fix something in the house, you better start writing!

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