A folio

Next we will go on to talk about a Folio.

A folio is similar to a journal however it has more presentation and higher standards of productions than that of a journal.

Journals are great for writing or scribbling, Whereas a folio is more useful for presenting beautiful works, it too could be in writing or more often than not for arts and drawings and designs etc.

Again there are many advantages of using a folio whether for business or personal use and we will touch on them soon.


Great for studies

Journals are excellent study buddies. Naw doesnt that sound cute… Study Buddy.

A journal can be your best friend when it comes to studying.
Whether that be for
– High School marks and homework – Mathematics, notes etc.
– University degrees – In all degree fields
– Certificate’s in various industries
– Using at Tafe, when studying
– For jotting down ideas or drawing that fuel inspiration for creativity which fuels inspiration to studying.

At first you may not like your study buddy and feel it is a waste of space and weight carrying around all day. However give that smooth bound, soft paper friend of yours ago and give him a little ink.
Even if it’s a couple of words a day, who knows the potential difference it could make to your personal or business life.

A Journal you say hey

So why should we keep a Journal…. Well, let us explain to you a few reasons why you should or, at least, could find some inspiration to possess a journal. On top of that as well to use it.

Well for starters even some of the most influential people this world has ever seen, kept detailed journals of their lives and the events that unfolded in their lives.
Journals for them and yourself can serve as multi-purposeful tools.

  1. As a permanent record for posterity and
  2. Release for people who are writing them/in them.

Most often the time is that people don’t think that they will ever need a journal. Having one has great benefits to you that you can enjoy not, after all, the pages are full, but right away, from the first purchase or find.

Even if your journal is not to be used in historical keepings or a movie will be made out of the words you transcribe. It can provide the ability to leave something behind or something for other people, with your stories and accomplishments. Perhaps you could use it as a way to harness creativity or as a release from the stress of the day that you can find in writing.

What every it is, we recommend a journal as they are beneficial one way or another.

Folio Journal

Hey Hey everybody,

You have made it to folio Journal… sweet as, we are very glad to have you here.

The team behind this blog are well, just out for a bit of knowledge sharing, discussion creation and more.

Stick with us on this website.

Now it may sound boring,, what is Folio Journal?
Well if you look at it from your fixed point of view then yes it probably will be.

But just like you would a folio or journal we are asking you to open your eyes and discover what is inside and what is behind the words or images we put forward.

We hope you enjoy this site.